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The Mah Jongg Charleston Assist


The Mah Jongg

Charleston Assist

Created BY a Mah Jongg player & instructor…

FOR Mah Jongg

players & instructors!

During the many years I have been teaching Mah Jongg, I have noticed that many players seem to get lost in the Charleston!

The Mah Jongg Charleston Assist (MJCA) is a device to be used during the Charleston of American Mah Jongg game play and can be used alongside all American Mah Jongg sets.

The MJCA takes the guesswork out of Passing and reminds all players exactly WHEN during the Passing you have the Option to Blind Pass or to Stop the Charleston completely.

Players have enough to remember during the game of Mah Jongg:

· Identifying & naming tiles & suits

· Learning terms for groupings of tiles

· Setting up the walls & correctly dealing tiles

· Decoding the playing card

· Choosing categories and Hands to play

· Determining what tiles to pass

· Following the many NMJL rules of play

The MJCA will help you dance your way through the Charleston with ease!

When you use the MJCA, you will no longer hear these questions at your Mah Jongg table:

“What Pass are we on?”

“ Can I Pass only two tiles now?

“Whose Pass is this?”

“May I Blind Pass ?”

“Am I allowed to Stop the Passing at this point?”

The MJCA is designed to answer your questions during the Charleston Passing phase of your Mah Jongg game. Set the MJCA on your game table and turn the hand clockwise to each segment on the wheel to maintain orderly passing. With a glance at the MJCA, all players will know exactly where in the passing routine they are.

The “Start Right” YELLOW & GREEN sections of the MJCA illuminate the First Charleston steps, while the BLUE-hued slices are your reminder of the Second Charleston steps. The RED segments designate the appropriate times when Options are available to the players.

The MJCA will help players of all skill levels and I am certain that instructors can utilize the MJCA when teaching Mah Jongg students.

The MJCA can be purchased on the SHOP page of this website.

Domestic shipping is included, no international shipping at this time.

Instructors and bulk purchasers, please contact me for a special discount.

Mah Jongg Charleston Assist (MJCA)

Instructions for Use & Care

Using the MJCA:

Designate a player (ie. East) to place the pointer of the MJCA on the “Start Right” position. After each Pass is completed by all players, move the MJCA hand clockwise to each slice of the wheel through completion of the Mah Jongg Charleston. The MJCA takes the guesswork out of which Pass you are currently on and reminds each player when during Passing you have the Option to Blind Pass or Stop the Charleston completely.

Caring for the MJCA:

The Mah Jongg Charleston Assist is made of durable styrene plastic which can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild dish soap (harsh cleansers are not recommended). Gently dry with a clean cloth.

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