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Mah Jongg Charleston Assist

Take the guesswork out of which Pass of the Charleston you are on and always know exactly when it is an approriate option to Blind Pass or Stop the passing completely. The Mah Jongg Charleston Assist (MJCA) is made of durable, styrene plastic that will last for game after game. This  American Mah Jongg game device will help you step through the Charleston with ease! Simply desigante a player who will turn the hand of the MJCA one segment for each Pass of the Charleston. Never get lost in the Charleston again!

Mah Jongg Charleston Assist

  • The Mah Jongg Charleston Assist is made of durable styrene plastic which can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild dish soap (harsh cleansers not recommended). Gently dry with clean cloth. 

  • Please email me at for special bulk pricing.

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