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What is Mah Jongg?



Mah Jongg, often dubbed “The Game of a Thousand Intelligences,” and literally defined as "clattering sparrows," is an ancient Chinese tile game that originated during the Qing dynasty. The National Mah Jongg League was founded in 1937 to standardize the rules of American Maj play. Mah Jongg has similarities to the card game of Gin Rummy and tile game Rummy Q as cards or tiles are formed into cohesive sets to create hands. The object of the game is to arrange a combination of tiles to construct a winning hand using the most contemporary playing card. Game play involves skill, creativity and definitely a dose of luck as well!

Mah Jongg is a truly enjoyable game for both individuals and couples, but it is more than a game -- it is a challenging, exciting, social experience where new friendships are formed and existing bonds are strengthened.

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