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2020 & The NEWS

A misconception is to look at 2020 and NEWS and view them as KONGS of tiles. As printed on the playing card, with no spaces between the tiles, you may indeed surmise these sets of tiles to be KONGS. However..... 2020 and NEWS are NOT KONGS.

KONGS are made up of four identical tiles with or without Jokers. Identical tile means the exact same tile number & suit (ie. 6 Bam, 6 Bam, 6 Bam, 6 Bam in a KONG of 6 Bam or 3 Dot, 3 Dot, 3 Dot, 3 Dot in a KONG of 3 Dot), or the same Wind tile (ie. North, North, North, North or EEEE, or WWWW, or SSSS), or the same Dragon (ie. Green, Green, Green, Green in a KONG of Green Dragon), or a KONG of Flowers (FFFF - even though the season or number on each Flower tile may not be the same). Of course, Jokers may substitute for none or ALL of the tiles in a KONG.

2020 is a PAIR of Twos (both Twos need to be the same suit and played in Bams, Craks or Dots) and a PAIR of SOAP (or White Dragon) unless the parenthetical states something else. NEWS is comprised of FOUR SINGLE tiles – one North, one East, one West, and one South tile. As 2020 and NEWS are NOT KONGS but are actually SINGLE tiles and PAIRS of tiles.....NO Jokers may be used in these sets....NOT even for Mah Jongg.

Remember to treat 2020 and NEWS as SINGLES and PAIRS and you will also remember you may only CALL for a tile in these sets for your final tile to declare Mah Jongg!! Hopefully, this helps to clarify the tiles, Joker usage and CALLING for a tile in 2020 & NEWS! #Majbydaron

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